SMARTRAVELLER Advisory Platform Makeover

Under a major makeover of its Smartraveller advisory platform, the Department of Foreign Affairs and Trade (DFAT) has advised it’s launching a new website in November 2019, and that it will include a better system for getting travel advice updates and a new approach to registration.

In a significant shift, travellers will no longer be asked to register their travels before they leave, as the Smartraveller registration system will now be activated only when there is a crisis overseas.

Registration, which is currently part of the Smartraveller offering for all travellers, will only be activated when there’s an overseas crisis once the new arrangements are implemented.

Enhanced Subscription Service

DFAT’s improved system for receiving updates is to subscribe so that travel advisory notices land directly in your email inbox.

Travellers won’t be able to transition to the new service, they will need to subscribe using the new platform. On the plus side, you’ll now need just an email address to receive the latest travel advice updates.

You can choose to subscribe to one or more destinations and receive updates as they happen or through a single email at the end of the day.

Travellers can opt in to receive SMS ‘critical alerts’ for crises overseas—a service that complements the standard travel advice updates sent via email. According to DFAT, this is a better channel for urgent information.

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