03 April 2020

We hope you’re adjusting well to this new ‘normal’—a state of affairs that still seems to change hourly.

We’re pleased with the announcements coming from our state and federal leaders. As always, the devil will be in detail, but we’re hopeful that their roll-out will be straightforward and effective.

For now, however, we’re working from home and getting used to the new reality of that.

A few personal observations:

  • My cat seems annoyed that I’m in her house much more than I used to be. (See catty contempt in the header image)
  • It turns out that my partner—who works in technology—is not technical at all.

In fact, it seems like many of us are learning thing about our partners that we never knew before. Imagine, for example, not knowing that you were married to ‘let’s circle back’ guy.

How’s working from home going for you?

Over in Western Australia, our team at The Travel Authority Resource are still busy. We’re really very proud to support essential industries like energy and resources.

And on the New South Wales Central Coast, our leisure travel team continues to work hard, we’re pleased to say, on the re-booking of holidays for next year. Despite also now working from home, they can be contacted through all the usual touch-points.

We hope you’re enjoying our Business as (Un)usual updates, and are looking forward to travelling again as soon as possible.

We thank all of our clients, business partners, even our competitors for their support and friendship. Our industry is a tight one, and the support means the world to us wherever it comes from.

We know we’ve said before that we appreciate there’s little you can do for us right now. But when life returns to normal and you’re ready to book your corporate travel, holidays, your conference or event, our award-winning teams will be ready to look after you, your families, friends and anybody you could refer to us.

We would really love that.

Peter Hosper
Co-Founder and CEO of The Travel Authority Group