TTA and Concur.

7933607The Travel Authority is one of the very first Concur TMC Preferred Partners in the entire APAC region.  This puts The Travel Authority in a highly privileged position to offer our corporate clients expert advice, service and efficiency unmatched by anyone else in our region. 

We have chosen to Partner with Concur because we believe that, when it comes to expenses and business travel, they are quite simply the best Partner to help your business do more, more efficiently.

Yes, Concur is the global leader in travel and expense management, and have been for over 20 years. Yes, they have more than 22,000 customers in 150+ countries. Yes, we can bring our clients Concur solutions at an exclusive discount. But it’s the fact that they make it so easy to do everything that has to do with expenses that we like the most.

What Concur does:

Quite simply they provide control and full visibility into employee spend together with the ability to ensure policy and compliance. Plus, it’s all paperless—so you can say goodbye to complicated spread sheets and piles of receipts.

Concur can help you:

  • Reduce costs – Reduce processing costs as much as 83% while also cutting back on data-entry or user errors and expenses claim delinquencies.
  • Gain visibility for unique insight – Get real time insight into the current state of your business – reduce fraud, improve supplier negotiations and make smarter decisions to control costs.
  • Improve employee satisfaction with flexibility – Pay your employees faster (up to 47% faster!) by decreasing your processing time. Give them flexibility with a mobile app that lets them submit and approve expenses on the move; anytime, anywhere. And improve compliance with corporate T&E policy – or reduce costs by giving them a price-to-beat, and banking the difference.
  • Streamline GST reclaim – Want to identify all of the GST credits you are entitled to? Partnering with Concur allows us to give you direct, consistent access to GST spent – before expenses are even submitted for reimbursement. The result: a sophisticated and efficient GST credit claiming process on travel and entertainment expenses for your business.