BREXIT: Implications for Australian travellers

The clock is rapidly ticking towards the UK’s departure from the European Union (EU).

And as we see daily in the media, the UK is still negotiating the terms of its exit.

“The effects of Brexit will be felt far and wide, with a number of implications for issues such as travel, residency, education and employment”, said The Travel Authority Group’s Managing Director, Peter Hosper.

“And with the deadline rapidly approaching, it’s really important to keep up to date on any implications affecting travel. We are watching very closely”, adds Hosper.

This is the current advice (at 07 March 2019) for Australian travellers:

If you are an Australian living or working in, or travelling to, the UK or the EU nothing will change in the short-term, including for visa arrangements. This also applies to Australian-British dual nationals.

Australians who plan to continue living in the UK after it leaves the EU can use the UK’s visa and immigration tool to seek guidance on visa status and rights to stay.

The UK and the EU are providing updated guidance on the negotiations and the implications for issues such as travel, residency, education and employment. You can check for the latest information through the UK’s Department for Exiting the European Union and the European Commission’s Preparedness Notices.

We recommend referring to those websites as well as the Australian Government’s Smartraveller Brexit bulletins to keep up to date as we approach the deadline.

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