NSW border opens to Victoria from November 23 after coronavirus shutdown.

Qantas and Jetstar will operate thousands of flights to and from Melbourne and regional Victoria over summer following the New South Wales Government’s decision to open its borders.

From 23 November, Qantas and Jetstar will operate more than 250 flights per week across five routes, offering travellers 48,000 seats between the two states. This compares with just ten return flights per week operating between Melbourne and Sydney (the only route currently operating between NSW and VIC).

Both carriers will look to add more flights if there is sufficient demand.

Qantas Domestic & International CEO, Andrew David is thrilled to be adding such capacity into the network stating that, “This is fantastic news. We’ve added thousands of more flights back into our schedule today which will see Melbourne-Sydney once again become the busiest air route in Australia.”

November 23 will be a day many people will now be looking forward to. It’s exciting for the family and friends who can finally be reunited after months apart.”

Qantas Domestic & International CEO, Andrew David

David Thompson, Manager of Sales & Client Experience at The Travel Authority, believes this is another positive move in the “normalisation” of travel during the pandemic.

“This is very welcome news from Qantas. The Sydney – Melbourne air corridor was the second busiest in the world. At the height of the lockdown, there was only one flight a day between our two largest cities. That is just not sustainable,” said Thompson.

“Our Corporate Clients cannot wait to get back in the air and this is an important step in making that happen. The sooner all borders reopen the sooner we can get the economy moving again. The pent-up demand from our clients is palpable.”

David Thompson, Manager of Sales & Client Experience at The Travel Authority

Thompson went on to note that, “As soon as borders open we get an influx of bookings to that destination, recently South Australia opened their borders and our bookings went through the roof. We really would love to see Queensland and Western Australia open their borders as soon as possible.”

Borders are on everyone’s mind as we enter the holiday period. Last week Qantas CEO Alan Joyce slammed Queensland’s decision to keep its border closed to Sydney.

“Frankly, this is ridiculous,” Joyce said in a statement.

“Sydney is the biggest city in Australia and it probably has one of the best track records globally of managing a virus that is clearly going to be with us for a very long time. Keeping the doors bolted to places that you can’t reasonably call hot spots makes no sense from a health perspective and it’s doing a lot of social and economic damage as well,” Joyce added.

Our Take?

With the NSW border opening the good news is that, with so much available capacity, airfares are seriously good value and 5-star hotels are selling rooms at unheard of prices.

Now is the time to book a weekend away to Melbourne or Sydney, and for our Corporate Clients now is brilliant opportunity to finally start to utilise and reduce those tickets/credits on hold at these current low pricing levels—lock in the savings now!

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