POWERBANKS: Checking in or Carrying On?

A reminder from our friends at Qantas about the importance of checking that your baggage is packed correctly and adheres to the dangerous goods regulations to ensure safety aboard its aircraft.

“Dangerous Goods regulations do change and evolve over time, so we encourage all of our clients to check with their Travel Authority Group travel advisor if they have any concerns before they fly”, said The Travel Authority Group’s Managing Director, Peter Hosper.

Dangerous Goods Regulations define items that may endanger the safety of passengers or an aircraft as ‘dangerous goods’. These include obvious things such as petrol, butane gas, mace and the like.

There are, however, a number of common items like aerosols, cigarette lighters, portable battery powered devices and portable medical oxygen that are considered dangerous goods. These can be carried provided certain requirements have been complied with.

If you’re travelling with powerbanks, portable chargers and spare or loose batteries, please ensure they are packed into your carry-on baggage.

CLICK HERE for full details and the most up-to-date regulations when flying with Qantas.

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