The Incoming Passenger Card—the one you fill out bleary eyed on descent into Australia when you can’t find your pen — is on the way out.

In an announcement from Acting Minister for Immigration, Citizenship, Migrant Services and Multicultural Affairs—Alan Tudge—the Australian Government says it’s preparing for the safe re-opening of global travel with the launch of a digital system that will support quick and secure collection of incoming passenger information and replace the old physical card.

The familiar Incoming Passenger Cards are on the way out.

The new Digital Passenger Declaration (DPD) will be completed by Australia-bound travellers on their mobile device or computer.

Currently, passenger contact and declaration information is collected on paper cards, which are then scanned and processed manually. In a COVID world, this information is an invaluable source for contact tracing and the manual process could slow down efforts to control the virus.

The DPD will facilitate information being collected and shared more efficiently while still using the same authority for collection. The DPD will also allow certified COVID vaccination certificates to be digitally uploaded and connected if and when they become available.

“This capability will put us in a prime position to successfully reopen our borders in a COVID-safe way to help with the rebuilding of Australia’s economy,” said Mr Tudge.

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