The Travel Authority Group’s CEO, Peter Hosper, was recently invited to address an audience hosted by Helm Advisory Chartered Accountants in Sydney.

Peter was asked to present the story behind The Travel Authority’s success, to describe the state of the travel industry, and ponder the immediate and longer term future of this massive industry.

It was an address with a serious message, delivered in lederhosen—a nod to Peter’s homeland. Despite being assured the event was ‘fancy dress’, Peter was mightily relieved to see others had gone to the effort, too.

Below is his speech.

Ladies and Gentlemen,

My name is Peter Hosper, and I am the Co-Founder and CEO of The Travel Authority Group, and I am here tonight to talk about travel.

We live in very strange times, and with all our international and even most of our domestic borders currently being closed, I am sure at least some of you might be thinking “What could he possibly have to talk about?”

When our host Stephen Hathway asked me to join tonight’s event, given his line of work as a liquidator, even I was wondering if he was trying to drum up some new business. After all, the travel industry is all but dead, right?

Seeing that Stephen and I go back more than 25 years, I felt I could be honest and I asked him outright, and his answer was: “No Peter. I want you to tell your story.”

So that’s what I’m here to do tonight. And the first thing I need to say is that the travel industry is definitely not dead.

Like many other industries, however, we are going through tough times. But uniquely, the travel industry was the first to be hit hard directly, and it will be the last to recover. So essentially, we are in the longest ongoing lockdown of them all!

So how did we get here? The one thing our entire industry agrees on is that we are very much used to a constant level of turbulence. You can rest assured that our seatbelts are always fastened.

When we launched The Travel Authority nearly 17 years ago, we were a business that concentrated purely on corporate travel, the internet was coming into full swing, as were smart phones and with them—excuse my language—many smart asses!

It was those smart asses that declared travel agents dead there and then, because everybody would NATURALLY go online, do their own thing in a couple of clicks, and not bother with so-called “the middle man”. The airlines were very quick to capitalise on this sentiment and reduced our commissions overnight – in some cases down to zero, so our revenue was suddenly reduced substantially. And we were just starting up.

RIP Travel Agents. Good bye. Auf wiedersehen!

But to paraphrase Mark Twain, reports of our demise were greatly exaggerated.

To be fair, the industry did have to reinvent itself. Perhaps not unlike accountants and financial advisers (and possibly liquidators?) had to at some stage. And we did. Fast.

We started by putting actual value on the services we provided, and instead of relying on being solely paid by the airlines and other suppliers by way of commissions, we introduced service fees, to be paid by our clients. What a novelty! For us, it really was.

Sure, some agents didn’t make it, or simply found the transition too difficult and got out. But for those of us who embraced the change – we became more profitable, more independent and ultimately, we became better at our job, because we had to demonstrate value for what we were charging.

We also became more powerful, because we were now working for our clients and not our suppliers – the way it should be, really.

So The Travel Authority started growing. We established ourselves as Corporate Travel Specialists and in the same year opened our Resource Travel Division in Western Australia, looking after FIFO workers travelling to and from Oil Rigs. We absolutely LOVED our corporate clients, and they loved us back. So much so that they now also wanted to book their holidays with us.

But we weren’t really set up for this, so we started our Holiday Division – The Holiday Authority, followed by The Events Authority to look after our clients’ Conferences, Incentives and Events, and of course The Cruise Authority – who would have thought that “Cruising” would be a dirty word in 2020? I’ll come back to that…

Things were good. Very good in fact. The Australian Economy was growing, and we were growing with it, and before we knew it we had 4 offices, 50 staff and plenty of work. Even during the Global Financial Crisis we were so confident about our business that we actually guaranteed all our staff their jobs for 12 months minimum – a big gamble that played out very well for us.

Fast forward to 2019. Our business is still growing, Australians continue to travel for business or pleasure in huge numbers, and the Australian Cruise Market is the fastest growing cruise market in the world. Cruise Lines are positioning more and more ships in our region, and we were playing our part in filling them up very easily. Australians are great world travellers, so they also represent a substantial percentage of cruise travellers worldwide.

The Council of Australian Tour Operators’ (CATO) released its inaugural ‘Australians on Holiday – International Leisure Travel Trends’ report in 2019. It showed that in 2018, Australian holidaymakers:

  • Took 6.3 million overseas leisure trips
  • Spent more than 46 billion dollars in total at an average of AUD$7,300 per person

Overall, more than 70% of all travel booked in Australia is transacted through travel agents and travel management companies like The Travel Authority, and just this segment of the travel industry contributes more than 28 billion dollars towards the Australian economy.

Plus, did you know that travel agents employ 40,000 Australians in metro and regional locations.

And we were all declared dead in the early 2000s, remember?

So here we are, 2020. The economy was showing some signs of weakness, and there was talk about ‘this virus’. We were ready for another challenge – after all, we had been through SARS, Swine Flu, the GFC.

How much worse could this covid-thing be?

Well, as it turns out, a lot worse.

As everybody in this room experienced, the world was suddenly a different place. Cruise ships became super spreaders—or ‘petri dishes’ as the media liked to say, airlines grounded their entire fleets, and borders started closing, even within Australia. I don’t know about you, but when the domestic borders were shutting, I thought, Oh crap.

It didn’t take much to realise that we most certainly weren’t going to have any growth this year, but nobody was prepared for what was coming. The thing we specialised in, travel, essentially ceased to exist overnight. We had nothing to sell. Literally! OK, I said to myself, let’s prepare for that.

Next stop: Cancellation Town.

Clients understandably wanted their money back for trips that could no longer happen. Travel Management Companies act as agents, so in nearly 100% of the cases, this money was already sitting with the supplier, such as airlines, cruise lines, hotels and car hire companies etc.—often in bank accounts outside Australia. Imagine a system that is designed for the flow of payments in one direction being put into reverse – it simply couldn’t cope, because it wasn’t designed for that. What a mess!

In the months since, travel agents have never worked harder for their clients, at best changing bookings to next year or the year after. Or, at worst processing cancellations, fighting with multiple suppliers to secure refunds and processing them back to the clients.

We are talking about over 10 billion dollars that are being refunded to Australian clients. The most recent estimate suggests that 6 billion has been refunded, only 4 billion to go.

That money that will go back into the economy, but only if we, as an industry, are able to continue facilitating those refunds—something, we think, the federal government is only just realising through the advocacy of the Australian Federation of Travel Agents.

The refund process was and continues to be slow.

Oh, and by the way, nobody in our industry is being paid for this service we’re providing to their clients. On the contrary. Where we had earned a commission on a booking last year, and that booking now had to be cancelled, we had to hand back that commission this year. You must be thinking by now – what a fabulous industry to be in!

And then there was the exposé of outrage pedalled by a not-to-be-named-but-regularly-shamed ‘current affair’ program, if you can call it that, not understanding how our industry works and painting a rather regrettable picture of travel agents and how they are greedily holding onto the clients’ money. But we dealt with that as well.

Another thought that’s been rattling in my head since our national carrier grounded all international flights: Here we are, an island nation and every person living in it, being 100% reliant on foreign airlines to get in or out – once we are allowed of course. Food for thought.

Back to the travel industry. Still not dead. Not even close.

After the trauma of the last few months and despite everything I’ve just said, we are in the process of dusting ourselves off and looking towards a very bright future. Some people really do think I am crazy when I say this, but if you need any proof of how much Australians are itching to travel again—what Qantas CEO Alan Joyce refers to as ‘pent up demand’—consider this:

  • How long do you think it took Qantas to completely sell out a 7-hour sightseeing flight to nowhere? Go on, guess. 10 MINUTES! Some clients paid nearly $4000.00 for the pleasure.
  • A recent three-day Jetstar sale saw 150,000 tickets sold at a record rate, literally a record rate, of 220 bookings per minute.
  • Only last week, a cruise line put its world cruise on sale for 2022. It took 48 hours to completely sell out the entire world cruise. The cheapest cabin was $200k.

But it’s not just conventional travel transactions like these that point to that pent up demand.

  • In September, Qantas sold 1,000 wine-stuffed bar carts, at between $1000-$1500 a pop—from its retired 747 fleet in just 2 HOURS.
  • Japan’s ANA has been using an Airbus A380 superjumbo that usually flies to Honolulu for a 90-minute Hawaii-themed flight-to-nowhere.
  • In Singapore, Singapore Airlines is offering a genuine First Class or Business Class dining experience in the comfort of your own home. It’s topped off with First Class or Business Class amenity kits, welcome videos, and instructional guides on how to heat and plate the dishes. There’s even a specially curated playlist to recreate your SIA onboard experience at home.

It doesn’t stop there…

  • Also in Singapore THIS COMING WEEKEND, the airline is welcoming diners aboard its A380s—on the ground—who will enjoy “a memorable dining experience in your choice of cabin class, topped with our award-winning service.” You can even watch a movie while you dine. AND GUESS WHAT? They sold out FOUR A380s in THIRTY minutes.
  • Closer to home, overnight flights to see the Southern Lights over Antarctica in April-May next year are going like hotcakes too.

I rest my case.

Oh, and if you’re sick to death of Zoom meetings and worried about never travelling anywhere fabulous for business ever again, you’ll love the findings of recent research by Harvard University’s Growth Lab. According to the study, physically mobilising the ‘knowhow in brains’ through business travel boosts the global economy enormously. We could all use a bit of that right now.

By the way, If anyone here needs the link to that article to show their boss, come and see me after.

So today, we actually do want to talk about the future.

For the travel industry, the future will mean we have to reinvent ourselves again. And we will. We will continue to love our clients and deepen the relationships we have with them, perhaps re-frame how we work with and pay our suppliers, and continue to deliver value at every client touchpoint.

We will emerge from this nightmare maybe a bit leaner—as we have from all the others—but also stronger. Judging by my own team, there are so many talented specialists in our industry who will be there when the madness is over and who can’t wait to be of service again when the time is right.

Australians will continue using Travel Management Companies with confidence.

Thank you Stephen and Helm Advisory for inviting us here tonight, and to all of you in the room, thank you for listening to our story. And please remember, when you’re ready to release a little of your own pent-up-demand once the borders are open, let us love you too!


We are delighted to learn that the Australian Government is establishing a Safe Travel Zone with New Zealand from Friday, 16 October.

But before we start packing our bags and booking flights, it’s important to understand how this Trans-Tasman ‘bubble’ works. Because, it’s not quite as simple as Australia and New Zealand opening up to arrivals from each other.

A statement on the Deputy Prime Minister’s website on 02 October said, “We are committed to opening up both domestic travel within Australia and travel with New Zealand, as well as other low risk countries as soon as the health advice says it is safe to do so.”

So, what does that mean exactly?

The Australian Government’s Department of Health has undertaken a public health risk assessment of COVID-19 in New Zealand, which indicated that New Zealand posed a low risk of COVID-19 transmission to Australia.

As a result, passengers from New Zealand will be able to travel to Australia, quarantine-free, from Friday, 16 October, provided they have not been in an area designated as a COVID-19 hotspot in New Zealand in the preceding 14 days.

At this stage, however, there has been no indication of when Australian arrivals into New Zealand will be permitted.

The Australian Government defines a hotspot using a three-day rolling average of three locally acquired cases per day.

“There are currently no COVID-19 hotspots in New Zealand. The last locally acquired case with an unidentified epidemiological source occurred on 21 August 2020. We are working closely with New Zealand authorities to ensure we are notified promptly of any outbreaks there,” Mr McCormack’s statement said.

Any state or territory that imposes travel restrictions consistent with the Australian Government-defined hotspot, as advised by the acting Chief Medical Officer, Professor Paul Kelly, will be able to participate in the Safe Travel Zone.

“After offering these arrangements at the latest National Cabinet, we have reached agreement for this first stage of quarantine-free travel with New South Wales and the Northern Territory. We welcome those jurisdictions’ commitment to reopening Australia to the world,” McCormack said.

Normal visa requirements will apply and travellers returning to New Zealand from Australia will be required to comply with New Zealand’s travel requirements.

We’re dreaming of a swift return to New Zealand

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03 April 2020

We hope you’re adjusting well to this new ‘normal’—a state of affairs that still seems to change hourly.

We’re pleased with the announcements coming from our state and federal leaders. As always, the devil will be in detail, but we’re hopeful that their roll-out will be straightforward and effective.

For now, however, we’re working from home and getting used to the new reality of that.

A few personal observations:

  • My cat seems annoyed that I’m in her house much more than I used to be. (See catty contempt in the header image)
  • It turns out that my partner—who works in technology—is not technical at all.

In fact, it seems like many of us are learning thing about our partners that we never knew before. Imagine, for example, not knowing that you were married to ‘let’s circle back’ guy.

How’s working from home going for you?

Over in Western Australia, our team at The Travel Authority Resource are still busy. We’re really very proud to support essential industries like energy and resources.

And on the New South Wales Central Coast, our leisure travel team continues to work hard, we’re pleased to say, on the re-booking of holidays for next year. Despite also now working from home, they can be contacted through all the usual touch-points.

We hope you’re enjoying our Business as (Un)usual updates, and are looking forward to travelling again as soon as possible.

We thank all of our clients, business partners, even our competitors for their support and friendship. Our industry is a tight one, and the support means the world to us wherever it comes from.

We know we’ve said before that we appreciate there’s little you can do for us right now. But when life returns to normal and you’re ready to book your corporate travel, holidays, your conference or event, our award-winning teams will be ready to look after you, your families, friends and anybody you could refer to us.

We would really love that.

Peter Hosper
Co-Founder and CEO of The Travel Authority Group

SMARTRAVELLER Advisory Platform Makeover

Under a major makeover of its Smartraveller advisory platform, the Department of Foreign Affairs and Trade (DFAT) has advised it’s launching a new website in November 2019, and that it will include a better system for getting travel advice updates and a new approach to registration.

In a significant shift, travellers will no longer be asked to register their travels before they leave, as the Smartraveller registration system will now be activated only when there is a crisis overseas.

Registration, which is currently part of the Smartraveller offering for all travellers, will only be activated when there’s an overseas crisis once the new arrangements are implemented.

Enhanced Subscription Service

DFAT’s improved system for receiving updates is to subscribe so that travel advisory notices land directly in your email inbox.

Travellers won’t be able to transition to the new service, they will need to subscribe using the new platform. On the plus side, you’ll now need just an email address to receive the latest travel advice updates.

You can choose to subscribe to one or more destinations and receive updates as they happen or through a single email at the end of the day.

Travellers can opt in to receive SMS ‘critical alerts’ for crises overseas—a service that complements the standard travel advice updates sent via email. According to DFAT, this is a better channel for urgent information.

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WE KNOW: Mandarin Oriental Singapore

The Travel Authority Group’s Managing Director, Peter Hosper, recently returned from travels that took him through Singapore and into the legendary Mandarin Oriental Singapore hotel.

“Mandarin Oriental Singapore is an old favourite of mine. I just love, love, love this hotel. It really has stood the test of time,” said Peter.

“The hotel’s staff are amazing. Nothing is ever too much trouble. There’s also a great pool and spa. I’m always sad to leave this wonderful hotel,” he added.

Peter stayed in a Club Marina Bay Room. These high-floor rooms feature:

  • Panoramic views
  • The Oriental Club Lounge access
  • Seating and desk areas
  • Marble bathrooms with bath and walk-in shower
  • High speed WiFi

The Oriental Club

Located on the 19th floor, the luxurious Oriental Lounge is a peaceful retreat with panoramic views of the Singapore skyline.

Club benefits include:

  • Champagne breakfast and afternoon tea daily, along with all-day wines, beers and soft beverages
  • Evening cocktails and hors d’oeuvres
  • Complimentary pressing of two garments per day
  • Complimentary high speed internet access
  • Use of meeting room with teleconferencing facilities for up to two hours per day
  • Private check-in and check-out at the Oriental Club Lounge
  • Guaranteed late check-out at 4pm

“The Oriental Club is stylish, fabulous and classy with an amazing food and beverage offering—the nicest hotel club in Asia, in my opinion,” says Peter.

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EXPLORING MELBOURNE with Virgin Australia and Crown Hotels

We’ve recently returned from hosting a brilliant group of our clients on a famil trip to Melbourne generously supported by our friends at Virgin Australia and Crown Hotels.

Led by David Thompson, our Manager of Sales & Client experience, and Victor Araya—The Travel Authority’s Corporate Business Manager, the group experienced Virgin Australia’s airport lounges, stayed at the very impressive Crown Metropol hotel—courtesy of Crown Hotels, and explored the Terracotta Warriors exhibition at the National Gallery of Victoria.

“It was a brilliant way to showcase our expertise and to say thanks to our clients”, said David Thompson.

“The trip ran like clockwork and highlighted the depth and value of the relationships we have with our supplier partners”, he added.

The group gathered in Virgin Australia’s Sydney Airport lounge, with each guest having their Velocity frequent flyer cards upgraded to Pilot Gold, before departing for Melbourne on flight VA830 at 10.00am.

After enjoying private airport transfers, bags were dropped at Crown Metropol Melbourne, and lunch taken at the National Gallery’s Garden Restaurant followed by a private tour of the Terracotta Warriors.

The warriors are life-sized terracotta sculptures depicting the armies of Qin Shi Huang, China’s first Emperor. Thousands of the sculptures were buried with the emperor in 210–209 BCE with the purpose, it is said, of protecting the emperor in his afterlife. They were discovered in 1974 by local farmers.

Back at Crown Metropol, this was followed by an introduction to Crown’s sales team, and an inspection of the Crown Hotel and Entertainment Complex. Crown Hotels then generously hosted us for dinner at the superb Bistro Guillaume.

Bistro Guillaume (left) at Crown Melbourne, and Mr Hive Kitchen at Crown Metropol.

After breakfast at Mr Hive Kitchen at Crown Metropol, the group took off on a South Melbourne Markets walking and foodie tour. Since 1867, South Melbourne Market has been a treasured inner city landmark and a favourite with locals and visitors, and the tour was the perfect way to end this tiny taste of Melbourne.

“We’re really grateful to our friends at Virgin Australia and Crown Hotels for their generosity on ongoing partnership”, said The Travel Authority Group’s Managing Director, Peter Hosper.

“We’re delighted, too, to be able to engage with our clients like this. Our relationships have never been stronger”, added Hosper.

The final word goes to one of our guests:

“From start to finish, everything was seamless. David and Victor were fabulous hosts, and the selected restaurants were amazing—the service and food outstanding. I really enjoyed the “Terracotta Warrior” guided tour, just fascinating! I was impressed by the many venue spaces and meeting rooms available at Crown Hotel and Entertainment Complex. The hotel rooms, too, are very well appointed and luxurious.”

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WE LOVE: Connected Partners

Our business is built on deep connections with our clients, staff and our supplier partners. Some of our deepest connections lie with our technology partners who, mostly behind the scenes, super-power our offering and our people.

We were thrilled recently to bring one of those technology partners—an Australian one, no less—out from behind the scenes and into the limelight at our annual conference in Brisbane. Tramada is our engine-room, an advanced platform that streamlines our operations, data management, document production and travel accounting.

Sharon Levingston (right) overseeing the action at The Travel Authority Group conference in Brisbane, May 2019.

And we also loved it when the Tramada team popped in to visit The Travel Authority Group bearing a prize they donated to our conference, a prize that was awarded to Sharon Levingston – Head of Events at the Events Authority.

Tramada’s Country Manager, Susan Enners, and Alan McCartney, Head of Sales & Account Management, generously presented Sharon with an iPad.

“I’m so chuffed”, said Sharon Levingston.

“We’ve had a massive few weeks with our exciting win at the National Travel Industry Awards, and now this. We will put the iPad to good use. It will be a brilliant tool for presentations and for showcasing event spaces to our clients”, added Sharon.

We thank the Tramada team for their ongoing support and partnership with The Travel Authority Group.

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WE KNOW The Travel Authority is the Best in the Business. Again.

We’re delighted to advise that The Travel Authority has been named Best Travel Agency Corporate – Multi Location at the 2019 National Travel Industry Awards (NTIA) held in Sydney on 20 July.

“It’s a brilliant result and well-deserved recognition for our team”, said The Travel Authority Group’s Managing Director, Peter Hosper.

“This is the third time we’ve won this award, and it indicates that we’re doing things right for our clients, our supplier partners and, importantly, our people”, added Peter.

The NTIAs are considered the travel industry’s benchmark for businesses and people delivering outstanding service, marketing excellence and business acumen in Australia’s travel industry.

Anjali Rao hosting the 2019 NTIA Awards.

Hosted by international award winning personality and TV journalist, Anjali Rao, the awards gala event took place at the Grand Ballroom of the International Convention Centre, Sydney. Some 1,300 travel industry guests attended from just about every sector of Australia’s travel industry.

Accepting the award on the night, Sarah Bush, Director of The Travel Authority Group, said, “We’re just so proud of what we’ve created at The Travel Authority. Our team is brilliant, and we’re empowered by Peter Hosper’s leadership. To win this award again is testament to that.”

Not content with winning the Best Corporate Multi Location award, sister business—The Events Authority—was also named Best Business Events Travel Agency in a huge occasion for the Group.

Jennifer Waters, Events & Travel Manager at The Events Authority with Sharon Levingston accepting the National Travel Industry Award.

“It was a great night for the Travel Authority Group”, said Sarah Bush.

“Sharon Levingston and her Events Authority team have done a wonderful job. We’re absolutely delighted for them, and it was great to share some NTIA limelight with them in 2019”, she continued.

Lisa Byers, General Manager of The Travel Authority Corporate & Resource, attended the awards gala.

“What an epic weekend of celebration it was. The NTIA gala is an impressive event, and to share in the excitement and satisfaction of The Travel Authority’s twin wins was fabulous”, said Lisa .

“The NTIAs are more hotly contested each year, so winning is a big deal. Our Corporate & Resource teams in Western Australia are thrilled to be part of this award-winning family of businesses and to take the Travel Authority brand into the Resource sector”, added Lisa.

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WINNING BIG (Twice) at the National Travel Industry Awards

We are still buzzing after being named Best Business Events Travel Agency at the National Travel Industry Awards (NTIA) in Sydney on 20 July in the Grand Ballroom of the International Convention Centre, Sydney.

“It’s an incredible result for our small team”, said Sharon Levingston, Head of Events at The Events Authority.

“We were up against some really big, established operators—all terrific businesses. So, we’re thrilled to have come out on top. A lot of work goes into our awards submissions, and even more into running a great business. We’re exhausted but chuffed”, added Sharon.

The Events Authority is now a two-time winner of this prestigious award, having also won in 2017.

Jennifer Waters, Events & Travel Manager at The Events Authority with Sharon Levingston accepting the National Travel Industry Award.

Hosted by international award winning personality and TV journalist, Anjali Rao, the event played host to some 1,300 guests from just about every corner of the travel industry.

But the Travel Authority Group wasn’t content with winning just one category. The Travel Authority was named Best Travel Agency Corporate – Multi Location for the third time.

The Travel Authority Group’s Sarah Bush accepting the NTIA for Best Travel Agency Corporate – Multi Location.

“It was a great night for the Travel Authority Group”, said the Group’s Director, Sarah Bush.

“Sharon and her team have done a wonderful job. We’re absolutely delighted for them, and it was great to share some NTIA limelight with them in 2019”, she continued.

“The NTIA has industry wide representation and a strong history of recognising and celebrating businesses and personnel who demonstrate outstanding service, marketing excellence and business acumen within the travel industry. The event may be put on by AFTA but it is the industry who makes it a celebration to remember each and every year”, said Jayson Westbury, Chief Executive of the Australian Federation of Travel Agents (AFTA).

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MAKING THE CUT: TTA Group Named Finalists Twice at the 2019 NTIA Awards

We’re delighted two-times over at the news that both The Travel Authority and The Events Authority have been named finalists in the 2019 National Travel Industry Awards (NTIA).

THE NTIA is run by the Australian Federation of Travel Agents (AFTA) and is the Australian travel industry’s premier awards program.

“We’re so pleased that The Travel Authority and The Events Authority have been recognised as two of the best travel businesses in the country”, says The Travel Authority Group’s Managing Director, Peter Hosper.

“The Events Authority truly deserves their place among the finalists. They do an amazing job, and we wish Sharon Levingston and the team all the best through the final judging process”, adds Hosper.

The awards recognise and reward excellence in the Australian travel industry, through a process which includes nominating, voting and judging candidates, culminating in the announcement of the winners at a Gala Awards Dinner.

The Travel Authority is contesting the ‘Best Travel Agency Corporate – Multi Location’ category, while The Events Authority is aiming to take out the trophy for ‘Best Business Events Travel Agency’.

Both businesses are presenting to the NTIA jury in June, before the Gala Awards Dinner takes place in Sydney on 20 July. We’ll update you on the results when they’re in.

In the meantime, wish us luck!

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