WE KNOW: Qantas Ultra-Long Haul to London

Emma Crawley from The Travel Authority Corporate & Resource recently trialled Qantas’ non-stop Boeing 787 Dreamliner services from Perth to London. After having some pre-flight hesitations about flying for 17-hours or so, she was pleasantly surprised by the experience.

Image: Qantas Dreamliner Economy Class cabin.

Here’s what she had to say.

I must admit I had been dreading the long haul flight on the lead up to our trip to Europe in May. The thought of being cooped up in Economy Class for 17 hours did make me a little anxious. I was sure the novelty of Qantas’ sparkling new aircraft would wear off fairly quickly and I’d be uncomfortable at 40,000 feet for longer than I ever had before.

It turned out that I needn’t have worried as the flight far exceeded my expectations.

Upon boarding Qantas’s new Dreamliner, I was pleasantly surprised by how spacious and modern the interior was.

Even in the last row of the Economy cabin, the leg room and seat pitch was generous. The footrests that resemble small hammocks for your feet allow you to stretch out and lift your legs a bit, adding to overall passenger comfort.

These features combined with the mood lighting and quietness of the engines meant that we comfortably managed an eight-hour sleep.

The seat-back entertainment provided on board was exceptional, with a wide selection of new release movies, TV shows, music and games on offer.

Even if you are unable to sleep, most passengers would be hard-pressed to be bored.

We were served dinner just after take-off, and breakfast a few hours before landing. The meal selections were tasty and healthy and it was obvious that Qantas has put a lot of thought into their meal choices on board.

In between meal services we were offered pizza, fruit and chocolate with a wide variety of snacks also on offer in the galley at the back of the aircraft, just in case you get hungry.

Normally, coming off long-haul flights I feel dehydrated and jet-lagged, however we were surprised at how wide-awake and refreshed we felt.

The early morning arrival of the flight into London, allows for great connections to the UK and Europe. We had ample time to change terminals, do some duty free shopping and check in for our onward flight to Nice.

The flight really was a fantastic start to our month long Mediterranean adventure through Italy, Croatia and Greece and I would have no hesitation doing it all over again.

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